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Neck circumference: 17 in 
Project length: 7.5 in 
Bind off edge circumference: 20.5 in

This cowl was inspired not only by the moon’s cycle but by the women whose menstrual cycles sync up with the full moon. THAT’S RIGHT, you read that correctly. In ancient times, women whose cycle coincided with the full moon were often thought of as healers, possessing mystical powers, and were sometimes even chosen as high priestesses because of this phenomenon. The Red Moon Cowl symbolizes the power of womanhood, embracing the ideology of sacred menstruation.



Sizing: One size fits most adults

Dimensions: Triangle shawl - 44 in W x 24 in H

Ready for something TOTALLY new and different? The JK Shawl is the perfect project for the shawl knitter looking for something new to try. Knit up a gorgeous fade of your fav indie dyed yarns, and then play around with 10+ stitch duplication and embroidery patterns, all provided for you to customize the HECK out of your shawl!

Treat this piece of knitting like your very own yearbook, write on it with yarn, throw on some pom poms and hearts, let’s bedazzle the EFF outta this sucker!



Sizing: One Size fits most adults 

Dimensions: 53 in W x 27 in H

The Swingle Shawl is the perfect colorwork challenge to kick off your spring knitting! This addictive pattern combines chevron colorwork with intricate optical illusion patterning.

You won’t get bored knitting up this wrap! The shawl has two colorwork patterns a unique, five-sided shape for ultimate ease of wear!



Sizing: 18 in circumference with a 5 in ease, 8 in tall

What better way to say you’re not putting up with the political atrocities of today than with a badass beanie? Inspired by the opposition (and of course by Star Wars), this is the perfect pattern for your fall project list. Knit up this super quick and easy beanie, perfect for any level of experience, and then try your hand at stitch duplication with our easy to follow charts. We have three different “Resist” texts to choose from in cursive, big block letters in all caps and classic text with lowercase letters.

Choose from a colorblock style or knit it all up in your favorite indie-dyed color!

Knit up your very own Resistance Beanie, spread the word, give a big YOU SUCK to Trump, and tag your creations by using #resistancebeanie on Instagram!


long dog shawl


50 in W x 27 in H

Knit with two contrasting yarns (take your pick between Long Dog Sock or Long Dog Skinny), this shawl blends intarsia, stranded colorwork and a beautiful lace section all into one design! This pattern is the perfect challenge for any shawl knitter who loves various design elements in one piece. You’ll never get bored knitting this shawl up!

The pattern is entirely charted for both colorwork and lace sections.


fairy floss cowl


One size fits most adults - 24.5 in circumference, height of 10 in

Feel free to use any yarn from chunky-super bulky weight, as long as you obtain correct gauge


maize cowl

Free Pattern!

Sizing: One size fits most adults 
Finished Measurements: 15 x 12.5 inches, laying flat, 30 in circumference 

The Maize Cowl is an oversized, squishy cowl worked up in the worsted or DK yarns of your choice. This sample features the lovely Dyed In The Wool Yarn Company! This is a stranded knitting project, worked in the round with a 5 stitch repeat.


cacti bandana


One size fits most adults - Width of 22 in (54 cm), Height of 17 in (42 cm), self tie closure

This super fun colorwork project makes for a great springtime accessory! Inspired by the cacti fields of the southwest, this stylish pattern is a SUPER quick knit and so much fun to knit up!

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 10.31.24 AM.png

hufflepuff shawl

Sizing: One size fits most adults 

This asymmetrical, super fun shawl pattern was inspired by my house--Hufflepuff! I always feel like Gryffindors and Slytherins get all the best accessories, so here’s a fun colorwork shawl for all those crazy Hufflepuffs out there (or anyone else who wants to have some intarsia fun)!