Coming Fall of 2020

A Fibre Retreat for All.

About two years ago, I was talking to some friends about fibre retreats...

The main thread throughout the entirety of the conversation was the lack of accessibility that seemed to exist in established knitting, crochet and fibre retreats. There were so many retreats out there that were too expensive, too frivolous, too crowded, too difficult to get to…you get it! The list of issues goes on and on. So I thought, why hasn’t someone created a retreat that’s accessible to everyone from ANY socio-economic background? That ANYONE can come to, and not only get treated to a weekend of fibre fun, but actually learn something other than just the hottest knitting tips or crochet trends of the day?! Where does this event exist and how can I sign up for it?

My team and I noticed that there seemed to be a gap in the market for such an event. And what started off as a silly idea between friends, has quickly become a reality, and thus — The BRK Retreat was born! An inclusive, accessible Retreat that will host educators, dyers, and designers from around the world — giving makers and consumers a chance to connect, congress and address the issues facing the fibre community today.

How do we make expensive indie dyed yarn more accessible to people of all socioeconomic backgrounds? How do we host knitting events and retreats that are friendly and accessible to neurodiverse individuals and people with disabilities? How can yarn shop owners create safer spaces for BIPOC to feel welcome and accepted? How do we raise and celebrate the voices of marginalized folks in our community?

These are just some of the issues the BRK Retreat will work to address. Our goal is to bring makers and industry leaders together to address these issues and create programming that can be implemented in communities everywhere. We will not only address these problems head on, we will enact CHANGE and give people the tools to solve these issues. In the spirit of accessibility, the BRK Retreat is a pay-what-you-can event. Anyone is welcome to come, to contribute their ideas, and to learn and grow as a fibre enthusiast and maker.

The first year the BRK Retreat will be open to the public is 2020. In the fall of 2019, we will host a planning committee meeting in Austin, Texas for industry leaders to establish their programming at the first and all future retreats, discuss the key issues we want to address and work on, as well as develop classes and finalize our schedule for 2020.

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