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Our Story
Born & Raised Knits was founded in the spring of 2015. After its humble beginnings as a clothing retailer in Australia, it now operates exclusively as a knitwear design brand based out of Los Angeles, California. We no longer create pieces for the family, but design patterns for all the knitters out there to make their own! We specialize in youthful, contemporary designs in a FULL, size-inclusive range. All of our designs feature hand dyed yarns from your favorite indie dyers! We pair up with one or two dyers a month to bring you fabulous patterns AND yarn kits. 

Our Goal
Rachel, designer behind B&RK, is working hard to promote size inclusive design in the fibre world as well as advocate for healthy practices in knitting. After cutting ties with Making Things, Rachel and team are wanting to open up a space to continue to discuss these topics and help knitters and designers alike. This is where you come in!

Why Patreon?
Making a full living off writing knitting patterns is tough. Rachel works to be as transparent as possible regarding funds and how she is able to keep the business going. With writing patterns, grading, collaborating with dyers, teaching knitting lessons and various other odd jobs---it's hard to run the ship! Any stream of revenue is incredibly valuable to Rachel and her team and helps them to bring you resources you've come to know the BRK brand for. Our Patreon revenue will go towards covering the cost of Ravelry fees, team member salaries, BRK Retreat preparation, and blogging. You will gain access to these exclusive resources (depending on level of membership) and more when you become a Patron of BRK:

- Bi-weekly blog posts and detailed lessons on grading knitwear patterns for the full size range (1-9/XS-5X)
- Bi-weekly blog posts and exercise ideas for knitting ergonomically
- Subscription to the newsletter for details about the Retreat and upcoming pattern releases and collaborations
- Exclusive KALs with discounted patterns
- One time 20% discount on any Ravelry pattern
- Exclusive Ravelry sales
- One free pattern download on Ravelry of your choice / per month
- One time or monthly FREE consultation via email on:
(for designers) pattern editing or grading 
(for knitters) adapting patterns or personalized knitting help