BRK RETREAT Planning, panels and workshops

We are so excited to get the BRK Retreat underway! Thanks to many generous contributions from makers in our community, we have been able to secure enough funds to finish filing for nonprofit status in California. Now, we have to actually plan the damn thing! If you want a refresher on what we’re working towards, you can read more about our event here.

Here’s where you come in…

We’re looking for industry leaders to participate in our planning committee, which will meet in Austin, Texas in the Fall of 2019 to finalize the programming for our first public retreat, being held in 2020. We are also looking for people interested in teaching workshops and leading or participating in panels.

If you’re on this page right now, it’s because we already are interested in having you participate and think you have something super cool to offer to the world and this retreat! We’re hoping to have 3-5 individuals per Leader Position category (listed below) come to Austin for a weekend of fibre planning and FUN! If selected for the planning committee or as an instructor or panelist, you will ALSO be participating in the inaugural 2020 retreat!

Check out the details below to see what we’re looking for:

Dyers // Fibre leaders who specialize in the art of dyeing yarn or fibre, yarn production or working directly with fibre (e.g. spinning).

Designers // Fibre leaders who work as knitwear or crochet designers in a full or part-time capacity and sell their designs on public platforms.

Makers // Fibre leaders who work in a making capacity that may fall under both of the above categories or outside practices (accessory production, notions, fibre care) AND/OR knitters or crocheters who use their voices on social media platforms to spread fibre love through inclusive practices.

LYS Owners // Fibre leaders who own yarn shops in any part of the world who are committed to fostering safe spaces for BIPOC, LGBTQ+, neurodiverse individuals, and individuals with disabilities.

What does being a part of the planning committee mean?

Planning committee members will be a part of forming the essential programming aspects of the BRK Retreat from start to finish within the first year of its inception. These are our “founding members”, almost like a board of directors! More details to follow upon expression of interest.

Eligible topics for panels & workshops (these are just ideas, we’re open to anything in this vein):

  • Socio-economic accessibility to indie dyed yarn

  • Pattern costs/making money as a designer

  • BIPOC safe spaces

  • Inclusive practices in the fibre world

  • Neurodiverse safe spaces in conferences/large scale fibre events

  • Queer representation

  • Sustainability in yarn production (local mills)

  • Accessibility for people with disabilities

  • Size inclusive design

  • Native representation in the fibre industry

Want to be a part of the BRK Retreat? Fill out the form below and let us know how you’re interested in participating!*

*Filling out the form is not a contract and will not result in your direct placement onto the planning committee or directly commit you to teach or lead a panel. It is merely and expression of interest. Once you’ve submitted the form, we’ll be in touch with more info shortly!

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